voorstraat townscape

Townscape Delft, Voorstraat

Beside the Old Church sits De Blauwen Hont (the Blue Dog), where next to the headless lady a bike with a zebra’s head was parked. All in all a highly inspiring place for a townscape.

This page contains information about the creative process, stories by Delft people and background details about this special location.

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Title Voorstraat en de Blauwen Hont, Delft
Artist Mark van Huystee
Edition 30 prints
Hors Commerce 02 prints
Material Hahnemühle paper
Technique Certified Art Giclée print
Year 2009
Medium size 145 cm x 75 cm (57 inch x 30 inch)
Price 695 euro (VAT included)
Large size 179 cm x 92 cm (71 inch x 37 inch)
Price 995 euro (VAT included)
different sizes by mutual agreement

The prices mentioned above apply to the townscapes only. Framing, posting & packing are not included.

embossed signature


This is a high-quality print that meets the ‘Certified Art Giclée’ quality standard.
Each print is signed and numbered by me and embossed with my signature. Each print comes with its own Certificate of Authenticity.


Details from the Townscape (SLIDE SHOW).

samples townscape

ORDERING A PIECE OF A TOWNSCAPE Many customers want to see a panorama in real life before ordering. If you are unable to arrange a studio visit, I can send you a set of samples that will enable you to assess the quality and presence of the works.
A set of 4 samples costs 14.95 euros including postage. Each set includes one cardboard surround so one sample can be framed as a mini painting. You can order your samples by sending a message to info@huystee.com, mentioning ‘samples’ and the name of the townscape.


Almost completed – and precious little room left.

street artist

The lady in the drawing, minus her head.


What’s the weather like today in Delft?

Meer weer in Delft

dog drawing

Dog in as well as next to the drawing.


How did the spider reach the traffic sign; carried by the wind perhaps?

Everything has its beauty, but it isn’t seen by everyone.

Confucius, 551-479 BC.