oude delft

Townscape of the Oude Delft in Delft

The Oude Delft canal, drawn from opposite the Sanctus Virgilius student union, with a view of the leaning tower of the Old Church. I drew this panorama in 2008, so it is one of my first. It shows a lot less detail than the townscapes that followed. The more you draw, the more you discover.

This page contains information about the reproductions.


oude delft

Title Oude Delft, Delft
Artist Mark van Huystee
Edition 30 prints
Hors Commerce 02 prints
Material    Hahnemühle paper
Technique Certified Art Giclée print
Year 2008/2009
Small size 104 cm x 38 cm (41 inch x 15 inch)
Price 595 euro (VAT included)
Medium size    149 cm x 52 cm (59 inch x 21 inch)
Price 695 euro (VAT included)
Large size 204 cm x 70 cm (80 inch x 28 inch)
Price 995 euro (VAT included)
XLarge size on demand

The prices mentioned above apply to the townscapes only. Framing, posting & packing are not included. 


Details from the townscape (slide SHOW).

samples townscape

ORDERING A PIECE OF A TOWNSCAPE Many customers want to see a panorama in real life before ordering. If you are unable to arrange a studio visit, I can send you a set of samples that will enable you to assess the quality and presence of the works.
A set of 4 samples costs 14.95 euros including postage. Each set includes one cardboard surround so one sample can be framed as a mini painting. You can order your samples by sending a message to info@huystee.com, mentioning ‘samples’ and the name of the townscape.

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