Townscape Nieuwe Langendijk, Delft

Traffic rumbles across the Koepoortbrug leading into the old town centre of Delft. In April 2010 the traffic came to a halt due to roadworks. It was a unique opportunity to go and stand in the middle of the bridge and draw a townscape. Without realising it, I must have been influenced by the shop of Brehm that sells party goods, as the townscape was coloured in with bright, saturated colours.

This page gives information about the prints and how to buy them, outlines the creative process and provides background details about this special location.

nieuwe langendijk



Title Nieuwe Langendijk, Delft
Artist Mark van Huystee
Edition 30 prints
Horse Commerce 02 prints
Material    Hahnemühle paper
Technique Certified Art Giclée print
Year 2010
Medium size    145 cm x 74 cm (57 inch x 29 inch)
Price 695 euro (VAT included)
Large size 179 cm x 90 cm (71 inch x 34 inch)
Price 995 euro (VAT included)
different sizes by mutual agreement

The prices mentioned above apply to the townscapes only. Framing, posting & packing are not included. 

embossed signature


This is a high-quality print that meets the ‘Certified Art Giclée’ quality standard.
Each print is signed and numbered by me and embossed with my signature. Each print comes with its own Certificate of Authenticity.


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Details from the townscape (slide SHOW).



Come springtime he’s there again, the street artist. He even texts me: “I have returned, and I’m standing near the Koepoortbrug”. I jump on my bike and cross the centre of town heading east. Mark stands right in front of the bridge, which is temporarily closed to traffic for maintenance. Mark has put his drawing board on a barrier and is drawing the pavement bricks in front of a shop using a fineliner. He is creating a panoramic view looking down the Nieuwe Langendijk.
“When did you start?” I ask.
“Now there’s a question I haven’t heard before. I expect you also want to know how many bricks I’ve drawn?” Mark is razor-sharp. A couple are watching over his shoulder. After a few minutes the woman walks on, but the man stays behind, even lifting his sunglasses to better observe the work. He is in no hurry. “We have an appointment at ten past four, and he won’t wait!” the woman shouts. The man looks up, annoyed, and shuffles off.
“I started the day before yesterday; I worked long days. It has to be finished soon, for tomorrow they’ll be cutting pavers behind me, and I’ll be shaking in my shoes.”
A lady aged around fifty spots Mark drawing.

“He’s drawing the whole of Delft!” I claim. “All the canals and squares; everything!”
Mark carries on drawing regardless.
“Daanes has already done that,” the woman remarks.
“All of Delft?”
“Yes, in watercolour.”
Since I’m fielding for Mark, I retort, “but that doesn’t count, watercolour. It has to be done using fineliners.”
The woman walks on, calling her friend who is waiting at the bridge: “Daanes has already done that, hasn’t he? The whole of Delft?”
Fortunately, I don’t hear the answer.

“Has anyone ordered this townscape yet?” I ask Mark, hoping I’ve found a more original question this time.

“Yes, those people over there have said they’ll buy this one, but they haven’t a clue about the price. Now they’re stuck with it; I’ll make them sign on the dot.”
“Sure, you’re the master enforcer of street artists. Be careful, though; get too greedy and they’ll trip you up.” Mark chuckles. The drawing is nearly completed. He now only has paving stones left to draw.

“There’s no more room for people, right?”
“Not unless they lie down in the street right in front of me.”
I lean my bike against the barrier and lie down in the street, right under Mark’s nose. There’s no way he can avoid me now.

Jan van der Mast, 22 April 2010

“but that doesn’t count, watercolour. It has to be done using fineliners.”

samples townscape

ORDERING A PIECE OF A TOWNSCAPE Many customers want to see a panorama in real life before ordering. If you are unable to arrange a studio visit, I can send you a set of samples that will enable you to assess the quality and presence of the works.
A set of 4 samples costs 14.95 euros including postage. Each set includes one cardboard surround so one sample can be framed as a mini painting. You can order your samples by sending a message to, mentioning ‘samples’ and the name of the townscape.